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I’ll have to go down the cheesy route here:

I’m infatuated beyond rescue with deep connection. Try lying under the Northern Lights and not be enchanted. Try befriending a woman who overcame a disability and not be inspired. Try watching a scene you wrote come to life in front of you and still refuse to believe in magic.

I triple dog dare you.

There’s nothing more fascinating to me than observing what the world looks and works like. What it means to be human. How a feeling is created with sound and visuals.
I’ve been a filmmaker for seven years now, I still get butterflies on every single set.

My mission is to capture the wonders of this world. To tell the stories I’ve been given to.

To make your brand seen and your music heard.

So. I created The Friction – a production company that focuses on commercials and music videos, that feeds and rests and values their crew, and that takes clients on rooftop lunches. I didn’t like the way the film industry made people zombie faced devils so I changed it – I prefer my team shiny eyed and sharp minded.

Right now, I want you to send me an email with your brief, your budget, and your deadline, and we will put together a shoot that will knock your socks off.


What are you waiting for?

Ivy Jelisavac | Founder & Director


The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, [...] desirous of
everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn,
burn, like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…
Jack Kerouac


I shed my skin and put my bones into everything I record.



What about promotion?

If you like, we will also do the hustling for you – upload the video online, send it to music and video bloggers and magazines, and submit to international film&video festivals.

We’d like something that’s not listed here…

We’d love to discuss that, then! Don’t hesitate to get in touch.



I believe that filmmaking – as, probably, is everything – is a game you should play with all your cards, and all your dice, and whatever else you’ve got. So, each time I make a movie, I give it everything I have. I think everyone should, and I think everyone should do everything they do that way.






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We shot Thick Air!

At 06:30AM on Saturday morning, my team & I met to drive down to Dungeness. Which, if you’ve never been, is an eerily beautiful place. Our DP shot this test footage when we went to location scout: Dungeness | BMPCC from Adrian Musto on Vimeo. I still remember casually reading the screenplay to a friend, […]

THICK AIR. A girl confronts her sexual abuser

I want to make a short film where a woman who survived sexual abuse is not portrayed as forever-a-victim, but as a strong person who can take matters in her own hands and actively work on putting her past behind her.   There is no violence in the movie, but I’m sure the unexpected ending will […]

Happy Anniversary & What’s Up In Q1 2014?

Well hi there, good-looking. Two weeks ago, I accidentally realized that it was The Friction’s birthday. Since we were in the last hours of post-production for the Deep Freeze & Deep Heat videos, I personally celebrated, glamorous as can be, with a piece of cake at my desk.  Here’s a quick roundup of what happened […]

Stascia Lynne: Against All Odds

Stascia couldn’t have not caught my eye when I met her on dear-to-my-heart Fitocracy. She was most positive, most supportive, one of the few people who truly care about others and remember details about their lives in the fast-paced and superficial age of social media. Around Christmas last year, she decided to share her story. […]

To The Grit: Behind The Scenes

Ideas find you in many different ways. I love brain storming and chiseling until it’s perfect, but there’s a special kind of magic about something that finds you in the middle of the night and refuses to leave until it has been written down. This was that kind of idea. 1 AM. Twenty minutes. And […]

Calling NYC cinematographers

UPDATE April 22nd 2013:Crew is now complete!   Hello NYC cinematographers! I’ll soon be coming to New York City to shoot a documentary portrait on an incredibly inspiring woman. Since I’ll be coming alone, I need a cinematographer who’s available between April 30th and May 5th (possibly not shooting all days.) Maybe some of you […]